In the field of online loans, the market currently has several perspectives.

 In general, as regards a loan, of any type, it is necessary to analyze the so-called risk policies:

Faced with a wide range of products, provided by numerous financial interlocutors, the consumer has to examine the greatest possible number of offers, to identify the conditions most suited to their needs.

In general, as regards a loan, of any type, it is necessary to analyze the so-called risk policies:

Being a product by its own risky nature for the body that grants it, there are binding parameters that make it inclined to grant the loan and that vary from one company to another. The most relevant factors that are evaluated are:

the amount of the loan requested (normally for a sum higher than 7,500 euros it is necessary to provide more guarantees)
income level of the customer (a loan of more than 7,500 euros can be granted only if a certain ratio is observed between the installment established and the income of the interested party)
creditworthiness of the applicant (assessed on the basis of his past in the financial field or previous insolvency).

The main elements to be taken into consideration when signing a loan agreement are the TAN (nominal annual rate); the APR (global effective rate); the costs of the preliminary investigation, the collection of installments and the sending of an account statement; insurance coverage; any early termination penalty.

Credit or financial agencies are authorized to provide capital in exchange for paying interest on the loaned money. Banks are the place for granting funding, but often require uncompetitive conditions and interests compared to other specialized bodies. However, for mortgages customers usually turn to the banks themselves, because they are judged to be more reliable, while for loans they prefer small agencies which, being subject to lower costs, offer more favorable conditions: there are numerous agencies specialized in personal loans that they can help.