27th Busan International Film Festival Announces New Stream Selections

The 27th Busan International Film Festival has announced 10 selections for New Currents which showcase the future of Asian cinema.

– 10 Selections for New Currents, Announced! Emerging directors who will lead the future of Asian cinema

New Currents, a main competition section at the Busan International Film Festival, discovers brilliant new Asian films and emerging directors, becoming the gateway for skilled directors for 26 years. Many directors featured in this section have not only made their mark on the world stage, but have also paved the way for new Asian cinema.

This year, the 27th Busan International Film Festival presents 10 New Currents selections by talented and emerging directors from various parts of Asia. Films selected for New Currents will be nominated for several awards, including the New Currents Award, FIPRESCI Award, NETPAC Award and KB New Currents Audience Award.

One Thousand and One Nights (2022) by Japanese director Kubota Nao, is a story about people who have already lost or are losing someone, and unlocks the secret of time in a unique way. No End (2022) by Nader Saeivar depicts the story of a man who is exposed to tremendous violence as a result of a trivial lie, and demonstrates the strength of Iranian cinema by exquisitely interconnecting the beginning and the end.

With its well-structured plot and rapid development, Malaysian director Sam Quah’s A Place Called Silence (2022) is a masterpiece that depicts the scenes and behind-the-scenes of a serial murder through bold and delicate.

Two Indian films were also selected for the New Currents selection. These include Jaishankar Aryar’s debut film Shivamma (2022), which persistently traces the struggles of a poor, uneducated, middle-aged woman along her distinguished narratives, and Aamir Bashir’s The Winter Within. (2022) which depicts the suffering and agony of a woman, with the Kashmir region as a backdrop, where small and large clashes and terrors are frequent.

Ajoomma (2022) directed by He Shuming, widely recognized by winning several awards for short films, will also be presented this year in the New Currents selection. It also raises more expectations due to the dynamic interaction of the cast, including Hong Huifang, Singapore’s Hottest Actress, Yeo Jin Goo, Jung Dong-Hwan, and Kang Hyung Suk as another highlight. . Thai screenwriter Thapanee Loosuwan seeks to develop as a director with Blue Again (2022), a biographical film with sophisticated senses that stand out. Marcus Vu Manh Cuong, a former film journalist, also began his cinematic journey by directing MEMENTO MORI: EARTH (2022), a film that beautifully captures the profound subject of life and death.

Two Korean films, A Wild Roomer (2022) by director Lee Jeong-hong and Hail to Hell (2022) by Lim Oh-jeong, are also ready to meet the public. a Wild Roomer (2022), tells the story of a man who earns his living as a carpenter and the people around him, and a mystery that makes them cringe, with an intriguing pacing and memorable scenes. Hail to Hell (2022) traces the adventure of two girls who set out to get revenge on the villains who tormented them, and its whimsical organization and imagination add to the expectations of the film.

The 27th Busan International Film Festival, which has been creating a thunderous wave of excitement since the unveiling of its 10 New Currents selections, will be held at the Busan Cinema Center from October 5 (Wednesday) to 14 (Friday).

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