Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival – Pakistan closes

ISLAMABAD: A two-day ‘Bam-e-Dunya’ film festival ended in Gilgit with the aim of promoting responsible mountain tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan. The festival was organized as part of International Mountain Day at Karakoram Gilgit International University, where short films were screened and a roundtable was held on sustainable mountain tourism.

Fateh Ullah Khan, UK Minister for Information and Planning, was the main guest at the closing and awards ceremony, a press release said on Sunday.

Speaking on this occasion, the Minister emphasized the collective efforts to promote sustainable tourism in Gilgit-Baltistan. He appreciated the efforts of all partner organizations to celebrate the International Mountain Day and to come up with an innovative idea to organize the Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival.

Khalil Ahmed, Acting Vice Chancellor of Karakorum International University, said that it is the responsibility of every individual to take care of the environment and that KIU is a platform that could be used for research science in order to contribute to sustainable mountain tourism.

Haider Raza, Regional Director of WWF-Pakistan, GB, said in his remarks: “The Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival provides a platform for GB-owned filmmakers to document mountain ecology and social changes. -economic and climatic events that occur in mountainous regions and time is needed to work together to promote sustainable mountain tourism in the region ”.

According to the organizers, the Bam-e-Dunya Film Festival is the largest festival in the region which will be held every year with stronger connectivity with countries in the region having mountains. 40 films for different categories were submitted by filmmakers from Gilgit-Baltistan, Chital and Azad Kashmir. In the documentary category, the first prize was won by Imitiaz Ahmed for a short documentary on biodiversity, the second prize was won by Majid for the film ‘GB land of Ultimate Charm’ and similarly the third prize was won by Masooma Masoom for a short film titled ‘Beggar in GB’.

In the fiction category, the winning prize was won by “BALDA”, a film by Amjad Ali Hunzai, and the second prize was won by Muhammad Imran for the film titled “Wizard Stone”.

An animated film titled “Axis” directed by Nazia and Leena was awarded the Experimental Film Prize. Raja Haseeb won the Special Jury Prize for his short film titled “Sardar Jee”. Seema Iqbal received the Women in Film Award for her short film “The Courage of Women”. An amateur film award was presented by the students of Aga Khan Gilgit upper secondary school, Daniyal Akber and Asghar Ali for their short film titled ‘life’ GB tourism secretary Rashid Ali was also present at the event and enjoyed the speakers and filmmakers.

Darcy J. Skinner