Bangkok World Film Festival to be revived

The Bangkok World Film Festival, which was last held in 2017, is to be revived under new management. It will be held in the Thai capital from December 2 to 11, 2022, the Nation newspaper announced.

The Nation Group has supported the organization of 14 previous editions of the festival. He said he appointed Donsaron Kovitvanitcha, better known as Don, as director of the festival.

The first editions of the festival were led by Kriengsak Silakong, better known as Victor. Victor died of a heart attack in March this year.

Don, who is both an experienced festival selector and independent film producer, said details such as the scale of the event and the lineup sections have yet to be finalized. “It will definitely be an international event,” he said. Variety. Previous editions featured a selection of 70 to 80 film titles.

“We hope Bangkok’s new mayor will also agree to support the festival,” Don said. Bangkok recently elected pro-democracy mayor Chadchart Sittipunt to lead the city. After replacing an official appointed by the government, Sittipunt wants to make an impression.

It is understood that the revived festival will be able to use the SF Cinema CentralWorld movie complex as a screening base.

The dates for this year’s festival coincide with CineAsia, a convention and trade show for the film distribution and exhibition industry, to be held in another part of Bangkok from December 5-8, 2022. The overlap temporal means that senior executives from studios and distribution companies and overseas talent may also be present to attend the festival.

While Thailand has an impressive cinematic history and continues to be a major film producer, the country struggles to regularly host a major film festival. The Bangkok International Film Festival, supported by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, took place during the first decade of the new century, but was dissolved following a corruption scandal in 2007 that ultimately saw four people sentenced to prison terms, including TAT Governor Juthamas Siriwan. Bangkok also hosted the Thailand International Film Destination Festival, a now-discontinued event intended to showcase the country as a production location.

Darcy J. Skinner