Best International Movies To Watch On Netflix This Month


For bilingual moviegoers and cross-cultural moviegoers, Netflix has you covered with their international movies, from documentaries to dramas.

While some of us have tasted it since the day we learned to use a remote control, for others, international movies are like taking a first sip of hoppy beer or a sip of particularly ashy red wine. It’s a genre that you sometimes have to get used to. But, as with most acquired tastes, good quality makes all the difference.

Thankfully, Netflix has a vast swath of foreign films – comedic, dramatic, action-packed, and romantic – that appeal to both conditioned viewers and green people alike.

Here’s a list of the best international Netflix movies that are worth a weekend or two.

Evil genius

After making its US debut at the New York Asian Film Festival last year, this Thai comedy thriller stars Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying as Lynn, a genius high school student who earns a decent amount of money in selling test answers to his friends. But the stakes heat up when the mathematician and her gang of schemers must distribute International STIC (SAT) Answers from Sydney, Australia, to students in Thailand.

Evil genius entertains with satirical punches against academic rebellion while taking a more serious note of the efforts young students will go to to ease the pressure of college entrance tests.

From the Land of the Moon

French romances are a must in the foreign film department, and this 1950s drama has it all, from loveless weddings to secret love letters. But despite the history of the serial-esc, Midnight in Paris Star Marion Cotillard brings sophistication and sincerity to her role as a passionate and free-spirited Gabrielle.

The film is both a tragic and liberating story about Gabrielle struggling to break free from her forced domestic bonds. So, anyway, it would be best to have tissues and ice cream on hand.

Ladies First

Uraaz Bahl’s short documentary tells the story of Olympic gold medalist Deepika Kumari’s survival. Born by the roadside in rural India to a deeply impoverished family, Kumari leaves home in search of food. During her career, she discovered her talent for archery and, in four years, became the number one archer in the world.

Documentaries like Ladies First can do for some of the best international movies. Not only does Bahl emphasize both the strength and perseverance of the Olympian, but she also makes a point of educating viewers about the social and economic constructs of the film’s setting.


The complex South Asian drama tells four distinct lives, which ultimately intersect along the Ganges. Hopeless love, the tragedy of guilt, and the decay of morality plague four stories of people who one day hope to escape the constructions of their small town.

Accentuated by breathtaking cinematography, this film is devoted to self-reflection and the discovery of one’s own desires through chance encounters.


It’s been 16 years but this French romantic comedy still remains one of the most successful international films of all time. Director Jean-Pierre Jeunet really set his film apart with the use of extremely close camera angles, vibrant colors, and his mix of live action and animation.

Amelie, is a film focused on humanity and what makes each person unique. The main character, played by French actress Audrey Tautou, experiences a lot of tragedy in her life – lack of fatherly affection, her fish attempting to kill herself and her mother killed by a suicidal human – and her neighbors, colleagues and love them. interests are no exception. Each character has experienced loss or sadness in his life and, “in a world so dead, Amélie prefers to dream”. It’s a light storytelling, but still emotionally and philosophically stimulating.

Us and them

Ten years ago, as he returned home for the Chinese New Year, fate reunited students Xiaoxiao (Dongyu Zhou) and Jianqing (Boran Jing). Like so many love stories before, they meet, fall in love, and then the harsh realities of life tear them apart, tearing them apart. Ten years later, the two meet again, different people than they were before.

Following its release this summer, Rene Liu’s Chinese romance is already making a mark on Netflix’s radar, credit to stars Jing and Zhou’s superb acting, as well as a testament to how Liu makes viewers truly care. of its characters. Last week it was reported that Us and them became the first film by a mainland Chinese director to gross over one billion yuan.


Another film by Audrey Tautou, even more serious, stars Benoît Magimel as Paul, a man who must find a way to start a new life with his two children after the disappearance of his wife (Tautou).

The mysterious French drama illustrates lost love in a dark and painful way, but draws on Paul’s mental and emotional rehabilitation out of depression and in his role as an indulgent father and husband.

The lighthouse of the killer whales

Lola, played by Spanish actress Maribel Verdú, travels from Spain to the isolated national park of Peninsula Valdés in Argentina, hoping to help her autistic son connect emotionally with the killer whales who find refuge there.

Gerardo Olivares created a celebration of the magic of nature and Pascal Gaigne composed a truly magnificent score that only adds to the emotional bleeding from the heart.

It is no small feat to tackle a story about mental disabilities, but Olivares should be applauded for turning a hot social subject into a pure work of art.

Sea fog

The captain of a South Korean trawler is offered a dangerous assignment for a large salary. Work? Smuggle Chinese refugees out of the mainland and bring them to South Korea. Captain Kang Chul-Joo (Yoon-Seok Kim) takes the post, but chaos and tragedy ensue when his ship is bombarded with patrol vessels and in bad weather.

Director Sung-bo Shim fantastically delivers a gripping thriller and action thriller, while also providing a critique of South Korean society and analysis of the many struggles illegal immigrants face every day. It’s no surprise that Shim’s film won Best Cinematography and the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Narrative Feature.

What international films do you watch? Let me know in the comments below.


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