Cultural festival bringing “more flavor” to Halifax – Halifax

A festival celebrating the unity of different cultures is underway in Halifax.

The Mosaic Music Festival kicked off with a troupe of acrobats, followed by a Caribbean soca dance performance.

Ariel Boulos-Callias, festival participant and founder of the SocaCize fitness program, says the dance represents “life, happiness, love.”

“It’s such joyful music, such a moving dance that bringing it to Halifax and presenting it to the public warms my heart,” said Boulos-Callias.

The festival was founded on the idea of ​​celebrating everyone’s cultures and showcasing different traditions.

“The ability to understand each other’s culture will then help us to come closer together,” said Boulos-Callias.

The founder of the Mosaic Festival, Ifeanyi Emesih, told a “beautiful city”, the cultural festival brings a little “more flavor”.

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“We see a lot of people coming from different parts of the world,” Emesih said.

“So we wanted to make sure they could feel at home by identifying their own culture here.”

Ifeanyi Emesih is seen on the Halifax waterfront.

Alexa Maclean / Global News

Like Emesih, festival volunteer Jerisa Haque hopes those who can attend the performances will feel inspired to embrace and connect with cultures beyond their own.

Haque, a community manager with My East Coast Experience, said people can share their culture with others through art, music and food.

“I think art and music and dance are particularly impactful mediums because they don’t really have a language, you know, you just feel it,” Haque said.

She said sharing her South Asian culture is rewarding.

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“I’ve been here for five years now and since I arrived, wow, it’s been like an explosion,” Haque said.

“Even walking the seafront promenade you can see more diverse populations and I still think there is a long way to go, and events like this are a great way to really see the diversity visible in the city.”

Events are on all afternoon into the evening on the waterfront.

Darcy J. Skinner