Edo Unveils International Film Festival, Receives 1,551 Film Admissions From 94 Countries

Edo State Skills Development Agency Director General Ukinebo Dare said he received about 1,551 films from 94 countries for the international film festival to be held in the state.

Dare who is also the co-president of the film festival revealed it Monday in Benin by unveiling the logo of the event.

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She said the film festival, scheduled for Sept. 1-4, aims to boost the state’s film industry and jobs.

Dare said, “During the festival, we bring in international filmmakers to train our local filmmakers and expose them to the international world. The festival will also allow the citizens of Edo to take center stage in the film industry.

“We received 1,551 film entries from 94 countries around the world for the Edo Film Festival. We also have an international jury team who would watch all the films and select the best films to be screened during the festival. at the Kada Cinema among others.

“We have three categories that would win cash prizes. A $2,000 prize would go to the following categories; Best Student Film; Best Technology Film; and Best Film Shot on the Phone. However, the winners would be announced during the festival.

The head of the Edo State Skills Development Agency further said that around 200 films will be screened during the four-day film festival which has partners such as Kada Cinema, GIZ International, the company Presco, among others.

For his part, Culture and Tourism Commissioner Bamidele Obaitan said the festival would allow Edo people to tell their story to the world as the state’s story has since been told by others. people.

He said the state government also uses the film festival to attract investment to the state and empower its citizens.

Darcy J. Skinner