English Dub Review: Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie “Cultural Festival I”; Cultural Festival ||”


Cultural Festival I

Izumi and her friends are busy preparing for the school cultural festival. Izumi works with the group responsible for making the costumes for their class exhibit, and Shikimori is part of the group that works on the decorations. They don’t get many opportunities to talk to each other, and when they see each other having fun chatting with their bandmates… And then the festival finally begins. Izumi is so busy that his head is spinning, which again awakens his unlucky nature. On top of that, he’s on call at the library the next morning. The one on duty with him is Kamiya, whom he first met the previous year through the library committee. But she acts a little differently today…

Cultural Festival II

During the cultural festival, Izumi and Kamiya have a great time chatting as they share library chores. Then Nekozaki suddenly arrives and takes Kamiya-san to see Shikimori. When Kamiya hears what Shikimori wants from her, she gladly accepts. Later, when Kamiya returns to her class to help with her class’ festival project, her stylish look attracts a crowd of classmates and guests around her. As she’s drowning in all the noise, a certain someone suddenly comes to mind, and she escapes from the classroom…

Our opinion

Even at the cultural festival, Izumi’s bad luck still rolls, but Shikimori’s bunny costume is alluring against the mismatched lion costume being a kitty cat. For volleyball team ace Kamiya to be on the library committee with Izumi, their friendship was definitely much better now, though their history has him developing a crush on Izumi (this is not not mentioned, but strongly implied). Of course, Kamiya would know Shikimori, but to ask him how they met in which the story was at least pretty sane. I also liked the animal cafe, with everyone in animal costumes, it was both cute and funny.

As for the other episode, given that it’s their last event before graduation, third year, expect to do it all. It’s good that the gift Izumi chose turned out to be perfect for Shikimori. Such a rare moment to see her lose her temper. All in all, a damn good EP that balanced the expansion of Kamiya with a good development of the relationship between Izumi and Shikimori.

Overall, the two episodes which were released at the same time via Crunchyroll worked as a decent two-part story, with the first half letting us know the early years stories of Izumi/Shikomori. But maybe there’s even more info to do because they already love each other at this point? Plus, Kamiya made a full-fledged entrance after her volleyball cameo, and hey, she’s hot, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the closest thing the show has come to introducing a “triangle.” in love” when the other episode continues. particular narrative with a lot of emphasis on Kamiya, and to me he’s the most complex character in the series with a personality.

And the Cinderella analogy in Kamiya’s thoughts was quite interesting when used in conjunction with his feelings. But it must be hard to hold back those feelings. The scene on the roof was quite touching. And it was a nice break from the wacky Bad Luck Hjinx that the show has often abused as a joke. But at the very least, I hope we get to see more of Kamiya in the future…

Darcy J. Skinner