Films shot with mobile phones will be screened at an international festival in Australia

Kara Rose started working in the film industry when she was ten or eleven years old. Kara explained, “I grew up on film sets because my mom is also a filmmaker.” “As a result, I constantly received small acting roles in his films, which was nice.” The now 17-year-old NIDA student is a multi-talented performer who has appeared in, directed and edited films, with at least 12 credits under her belt. It helped that she was able to shoot some of her movies on her phone. “All I had when I started making movies was my phone,” Kara explained. “So that’s what I worked on.”

“I was inspired by other filmmakers…like Spike Lee,” Kara said. “I watched one of his movies called Do the Right Thing, and it made me think wow, it’s really bad what’s happening in America, but nobody really knows it’s happening in Australia too for the aborigenes. “So, I thought we had to talk about it because not many people know about Indigenous deaths in custody.” Kara has spoken to some families of Indigenous people who have died in custody and her research has uncovered facts that even shocked her.

A film Kara directed last year is up for a prize at the 7th annual SmartFone Flick Fest (SF3) – Australia’s international short film festival, where filmmakers of all ages shoot their movies entirely on smartphones or a tablet. The festival starts this weekend and will run for two weeks until March 13. Spike Lee is holding a t-shirt with an aboriginal flag on it. Others pictured include Kara Rose and Miranda Tapsell. Kara Rose found inspiration in the work of famous American filmmaker Spike Lee. (Supplied) Motivated by a strong sense of social justice, Kara’s film is called Eight Minutes Forty Six Seconds – the length of time police officer Derek Chauvin held his knee on the African American’s neck. the man George Floyd, leading to his death.

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  • Films shot with mobile phones will be screened at an international festival in Australia
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Darcy J. Skinner