Houston International Sports Film Festival announces dates for 2022 and its launch in Houston from February 3-6, 2022

HISFF integrates the mascots of the Houston Clutch and Toro sports teams

Children’s activities at the Houston International Sports Film Festival with internationally renowned sports artist and muralist Betirri Bengston

The Festival will continue to build community and showcase films with deeper messages creating conversations about mental health, racial equality and women in sport. “

– Josh Merwin, Founder, CEO – Houston International Sports Film Festival

HOUSTON, TX, USA, Oct 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – After an incredibly successful launch in June 2021, founder Josh Merwin and the Houston International Sports Film Festival (www.hisff.org) will return on 3 February. 6, 2022. With three main causes for HISFF 2022: mental health, equality and women in sport, we will highlight the impact athletes have by starting conversations about these issues. Film submissions are now open, please visit www.hisff.org for more information or submit on our Film Freeway portal.

The festival will continue to grow the community and elevate Houston’s presence in the entertainment and sports industries, showcasing films with deeper messages and creating the opportunity for conversations on important topics such as mental health, equality and women in sport.

We will also have a unique fundraising campaign focused on the college alumni fan bases, creating $ 500 scholarships for first generation students that will help the festival promote equality (to donate visit: https://hisff.org/support-the-festival). VIP sponsorship opportunities will include unique sporting activities, presenters from our cause-based programming and a series of children’s books.

HISFF will host a college film making competition where students will be encouraged to create and submit films showcasing the first black athlete in a sport at their university. By highlighting these revolutionary athletes, HISFF will give our audience a deeper insight into the historical impact of sports activists during Black History Month.

HISFF is partnering with the Holocaust Museum Houston to help students create short films about artifacts from the 1936 Olympics. These films will highlight the athletic achievements of black athletes at the 1936 Olympics and educate the public about Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller, the two Jewish athletes who were not allowed to run due to anti-Semitism. These films will be presented before the screening of Adidas vs Puma which will be the opening screening of the Festival on February 3, 2022.

Last year’s first HISFF at Discovery Green (and Warehouse Live) featured films by athletes from a variety of sports including soccer, tennis, soccer, baseball, and had a great showing from sports mascots and Houston city cheerleaders: Clutch (Houston Rockets), Toro (Houston Texans) and the Astros’ shooting stars as well as interactive activities for kids and (LEGO building, goal shooting and many more) .

Tax-deductible donations are possible via the HISFF website. Our educational programming will be powered by “Through the Lens Houston”, a local 501c3, allowing us to teach Houston youth how to tell their own stories through film and photography.

Film submissions are now open, please visit www.hisff.org for more information or to submit to our Film Freeway portal.

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