I Will Say It International Festival

London, UK – I Will Tell International Film Festival has announced its return to London cinemas, with
additional outdoor and virtual screenings of films from around the world, including UK, USA, Canada,
Iran, India, Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Australia. The long-running festival expands
across London with screenings at venues across the city, including the Prince Charles Cinema in Leister
Square, The Tabernacle in Notting Hill and a special outdoor screening at Portobello Green, Notting Hill
as part of Community Day, in addition to offering virtual screenings via the Festival’s streaming platform,

The opening gala of the I Will Tell international film festival will be hosted by BFI Southbank on July 7
where the film CLOCK, a British urban coming-of-age story directed by Lola Atkins, will premiere. The film
is led by an ethnically diverse and predominantly female cast and crew and will define the for the festival
16th annual lineup that includes inspiring stories from around the world.

Justin Johnson, Senior Programmer at BFI Southbank said: “We are delighted to be hosting the opening night of
the I Will Tell International Film Festival at BFI Southbank this year and supporting director Lola
Atkins and the cast and crew of CLOCK. We are delighted to welcome the public to a Festival which has
has worked tirelessly to advocate for underrepresented filmmakers for over 15 years”
CLOCK Director Lola Atkins said: “I am thrilled that we have phenomenal platforms like I WILL
TELL, who have deliberately chosen to be the voice and the legs of those who have often not been
included in the conversation. She adds: “To be part of the opening gala of the prestigious BFI
Southbank, where many great works have graced the screens for a spotless privileged few is a
incredible opportunity.

Ahead of its 16th edition, the founder of the I WILL TELL International Film Festival, Jenny Lee, challenges the film
industry to better support greater inclusion and equality of ethnically diverse filmmakers within the
industry. In the United Kingdom, more than 90% of films are distributed by a handful of distributors from one
demographic with its own biases. “I Will Tell International Film Festival is creating space at the table to help
adjust the current imbalance. It follows that the festival would feature the work of an exciting
black filmmaker alongside a Ukrainian epic,” says Lee.

The festival ends with the Peace Gala and the premiere of SLOVO HOUSE: UNFINISHED NOVEL, a
demanding Ukrainian epic about the relationship between authority, power and creativity, followed by a
Questions and answers. Speakers for the Q&A include director Taras Tomenko, a Ukrainian ambassador and
representatives from countries around the world experiencing under-reported crises, such as the republic of
Congo, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The following screenings will take place in cinemas across London, including the premiere of REMEMBER
ME: THE MAHALIA JACKSON STORY with Ledisi, a musical biopic of the gospel queen
telling her story from when she sang in her mother’s front yard to international stardom and she
significant influence on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the civil rights movement. The faith-based
documentary SEND PROOF, also screened at the festival, is an exploration of the gap between
intellectual and spiritual.

Other I Will Tell events include Community Day with outdoor screenings to take all day for a full
day of movies, music and fun in the sun ending with a silent disco on Portobello Green, in addition to
The Sunflowers exhibition which uses an innovative method of raising awareness and raising funds for Ukraine
and other under-reported humanitarian crises in countries around the world.

Festival founder and director Jenny Lee concludes: “The main appeal of I WILL TELL is that it’s so
more than watching movies. At a time when people are looking for more meaning, purpose and
authentic connections, the festival offers audiences insight through film and art. It is
communities come together to be inspired and share their ideas on important issues that affect the
how we live now and in the future. She continues: “And of course it’s about supporting
filmmakers from around the world who bring us stories that otherwise would not have been told,
sometimes risking their lives and livelihoods to change ours.

For more information and tickets https://iwilltell.com/

Darcy J. Skinner