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Actress Iti Acharya who works in the Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Tamil industries, was at IFFI to support the fraternity. “This is my first time at IFFI. We all need to feel alive after testing periods during the pandemic, and IFFI is so vibrant. The aura here fills me with joy. I participate in IFFI to support regional films. I have made films in five languages ​​so far. The pandemic has had a very bad impact on regional films and this industry needs to be encouraged by festivals like this one. We have to support regional cinema because there is so much potential, in the same way that we support foreign languages. She travels to Goa frequently and says, “My fondest memory here would be when I visited Goa before the pandemic with my family.” We had a short but memorable trip. With my work schedule, I barely have time with my family, and this trip to Goa has helped me reconnect with them. What I love most about Goa are the people and the beach. I am a water baby. I am very drawn to the beaches. I have traveled to Goa so many times and I have friends here. It feels like a second home. I have my favorite beaches and I also eat joints. Ask her how she spends her time in Goa, she says, “I love spending time at the beach. I love watching the stars, watching sunrises and sunsets from the beach. I do yoga and take short walks by the sea, eat by the sea, sunbathe and read.

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Darcy J. Skinner