Iganmode cultural festival to promote the exquisite Awori tradition | The Guardian Nigeria News

This year’s Iganmode Cultural Festival, also known as Odun Omo Iganmode Afeleja, will be held from December 13 to December 19. The Awori Kingdom Cultural Festival is dedicated to the celebration of its hero ‘Iganmode’ and promotes the exquisite culture and tradition of the Awori.

According to the chairman of the central planning committee of the Iganmode 2021 cultural festival, Aare Ayodele Bankole, this year’s festival promises to be one of the most exciting in the history of the community as traditional leaders, chiefs and dignitaries from far and near would adorn the occasion.

“The idea is to celebrate our cultural hero, ancestral and irrepressible warrior Awori, Iganmode. His feats in history have become the stamina and spirituality of Ota Aworis wherever you find them. Iganmode is a symbol of leadership, influence, hard work, unity and teamwork.

To celebrate this iconic and revered figure of influence and his idyllic traits to galvanize these latent and residual energies in our people, especially the youth, the committee adopted a theme for this year’s event, Culture: One Module for One. sustainable leadership.

He continued: “We believe this is a timely theme that seeks to address and identify the synergy between cultural heritage, its influence to stimulate collective and personal efforts to build sustainable leadership in our society. “

Bankole informed that the event will open on Monday, December 13, with Osugbo’s prayer session, adding, “This will take place at the Olota in Ota Palace. There will be a free medical awareness program for the elderly and less privileged members of the community. It will be a one-day affair with the medical staff on the palace ground attending to those in need of medical attention. The first day will end with a charity visit to Ijamido Motherless Babies Home.

Day Two Tuesday December 14th is our Youth Day. There will be a Youth Summit to give lipid and active senses to our central theme; Culture as a building block for sustainable leadership in Nigeria. The session aims to educate and inform participants about the importance and synergy between culture, customs and the formation of sustainable leaders for effective leadership roles in society. The day will end with a street carnival for young people.

Darcy J. Skinner