Igbo cultural festival back in US – The Sun Nigeria

From Magnus Eze, Enugu

Before Lockdown lifted in the United States, the Council of Igbo States in America (CISA) is set to return to Igbo Village, Virginia for the 2022 Igbo World and Arts Festival.

The global disruption associated with the coronavirus pandemic had affected the last two editions of the busy party leading to the introduction of virtual celebrations during the period.

But, the new Chairman of the Council, James Umekwe, revealed after the CISA Board meeting that this year’s festival was to be held from 28and at 30and July, at the Frontier Museum, Igbo Farm Village, Staunton, Virginia, USA

Umekwe, who was optimistic about returning live to the Igbo village after a two-year halt to live festival celebrations due to COVID-19, gladly invited Igbo people around the world, their supporters and arts and culture lovers at the event.

He also announced the establishment of the 2022 Planning Committee comprised of all CISA Board Members with Felix Nnaji as Chair and Dr. Emima Obicsie as Co-Chair.

Daily Sun understood that the exciting live, on-the-ground event was designed to showcase the beauty of Igbo cultural heritage in all its ramifications. He had over the years witnessed contingents from Africa; North America, South America, Asia and Europe. Since its initial opening in 2008, participants had come from different countries including the United States, Colombia, Canada, Mali, South Africa; Liberia, Cameroon, Ghana, London, Nigeria, Gabon, Trinidad and Togo, Jamaica, Haiti and Barbados.

The event is one of Ndigbo’s most unique and stunning cultural displays outside of Nigeria.

CISA organizes and sponsors the carnival in conjunction with the Frontier Cultural Museum of Commonwealth of Virginia in Staunton with the aim of promoting and supporting Igbo cultural heritage and values ​​for posterity. The festival presents to the world the particularities of Ndigbo, their roots, their cultural heritage and their transcontinental influences to foster brotherhood between their African American compatriots and all humanity.

For CISA, the festival is one-way the Igbo-Nigerian traditions can be better exposed and their contributions to global development firmly highlighted.

Unique Igbo cultural and artistic works are displayed with pomp and pageantry throughout the festival.

CISA Publicity and Media Manager, Mathias Mgbeafulu said, “This is a celebration that Ndigbo, Nigerians, their friends and supporters cannot afford to miss.”

Darcy J. Skinner