IIT Bombay Cultural Festival, Mood Indigo goes hybrid!

Mood Indigo, the cult festival of IIT-Bombay (IITB), will go hybrid this year and this is happening for the first time in its long history. Announcing the same thing mainly on social networks, the FPJ learned that the decision had been made given the pandemic-type situation still present in the city.

Confirming this, Mood Indigo general coordinator Pranjal Singh said the festival is more about the vibe it generates than just an event. “It’s a cultural event and we wanted to do something that would maintain a balance between the restrictions of Covid-19 as well as the cultural environment. So we decided to do it both ways.”

Hybrid basically means a combination of offline and online events. Which event will be offline was discussed and considered viable after much discussion by the organizing committee. “Some events like stand up, concerts, performances can only take place offline and rest like games and activities can be organized offline. Therefore, we have made a three level plan. will be offline and online, a few will be kept exclusively for one or the other platform. “

IITB also released an Instagram teaser today that specifically talks about the efforts to make the impending festival different and vibrant. Mood Indigo hopes this festival will herald happy days for the city, as the event has gained iconic status over the years.

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Posted on: Monday November 08, 2021 10:45 PM IST

Darcy J. Skinner