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MUMBAI: Audiences all over the country are familiar with Raja Bundela’s talent as an actor and director. His entertaining performances in films like Ab Ayega Mazaa, Star and Ankush, and the images he made like Pratha, continue to interest audiences for years after their creation.
However, besides filmmaking, Bundela has in recent years taken on the enormous responsibility of organizing the Khajuraho International Film Festival (KIFF) in Madhya Pradesh. The third edition was organized recently from December 17 to 23, 2017. The actor belongs to this state and chose to organize the event here even if he could have done it in Bhopal or Indore where the civic infrastructures are of higher level.
Despite its historical, cultural and heritage quotient, despite the fact that there are half a dozen five-star hotels outside of an international airport, Khajuraho does not have a single movie theater.
Amidst this backdrop, Bundela commendably brings in luminaries of Hindi cinema to interact with film lovers. His albums are filled with photos of Ramesh Sippy and his wife Kiran Juneja, Prem Chopra, Subhash Ghai, Ranjeet, Jackie Shroff, Shekhar Kapur, Govind Nihalani, Meeta Vashisht, Manmohan Shetty, Govind Namdeo and Bharati Achrekar walking the red carpet at Khajuraho. Bundela’s wife, actress Sushmita Mukherjee, was the perfect hostess.
Bundela said: “Khajuraho International Film Festival is organized by my company Prayaas Production in association with Madhya Pradesh Culture Department. The highlight for me is that every year we select three promising young people from Khajuraho to benefit from scholarships, cinematography and the making of industry veterans like Anupam Kher, Ramesh Sippy and Subhash Ghai. Some of these young people rarely visited a cinema to see a movie, while most did. no idea how a movie is made. ”
The December 2017 edition of KIFF was dedicated to actors Shashi Kapoor, Om Puri and Tom Alter. Bundela wished he had thought of including master actor Farooque Shaikh, who was his dear friend and colleague from his IPTA days. He promises to do it the following season.
The seriousness of KIFF becomes doubly evident when we see that an entire segment is devoted to the fine arts of theater. This season, veteran director Waman Kendre, who directs the National School of Drama (NSD), was praised for his lifelong contribution to art. Bundela himself hails from IPTA and his members have also cultivated close ties with KIFF.
Bundela seems to have overcome the initial challenge. Already, KIFF has spread to neighboring regions like Panna and Chhattarpur and has gone from a three-day event in 2015 to seven days in 2017. Thousands of villagers, including women, arrive to view photos in a hangar. fortune that Bundela calls “Tapra Talkies”. They discuss empowerment issues while watching international films directed by female directors.

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