International films screened at the El-Gouna Film Festival

The fourth annual El-Gouna Film Festival (GFF), scheduled to take place October 23-31, will showcase a selection of exciting international films.

  • “Bad stories”

    The Italian-Swiss drama, from directors Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, tells the story of four suburban children who struggle to adapt to the banality of their parents’ world.

  • “Alexanderplatz of Berlin”

    The film, a revival of the classic novel by German writer Alfred Döblin from 1929, is about a Berlin worker who tries to rehabilitate after his release from prison.

  • ‘Father’

    “Father” is by Serbian director Srdan Golubović. It focuses on a penniless father who tries to regain custody of his two children after his wife tries to kill herself.

  • ‘Ibrahim’

    The French film, from director Samir Guesmi, tells the story of a teenager who incurred an unexpected debt for his father after being involved in a shoplifting scam.

  • ‘Peel’

    “Peel” follows the daily routine of a retirement home in a secluded location. It is an animated documentary by filmmaker Samuel Patthey and Silvain Monney.

  • “Influencer”

    The Spanish short, by director Rubén Barbosa, deals with the incident of one of the most popular influencers having her four million followers stolen.

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