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Short films from around the world will be shown on the walls of the Warrnambool Breakwater next month. Filmmakers from South West Victoria and as far away as California and the UK will showcase their work as the centerpiece of the inaugural Warrnambool Winter Solstice Surf Film Festival. Sam Pendergast, a resident of Warrnambool for 20 years, is part of the volunteer committee that runs the show. “There is a rich surfing community in the Southwest, but there isn’t a lot of culture or activity to complement it,” he said. “The breakwater is an incredibly coastal structure, so we thought ‘why not combine our beautiful coastal scenery with a creative surf spot’.” Mr. Pendergast said the cross section for local and international film submissions was a “very beautiful thing.” “All the movies are related to surfing, but we also have a few that focus less on surfing as a performance and more on the aesthetics of the waves,” he said. The project will consist of six to eight short films projected 15 to 20 meters away on the breakwater wall and broadcast simultaneously in a loop. Mr. Pendergast said participants would have about an hour of viewing. done some scouting and the beauty of the project is how the screens come to life against the rich texture of the breakwater surface, ”he said.“ It’s a nice combination of cutting edge technology. and structu weather-worn coastal res. “Warrnambool City Council Events and Promotion Coordinator Rebecca Elmes said council was” very supportive of the wonderful event. ” , “she said.” It’s a really great sight and she will use this waterfront area and focus on an iconic Warrnambool landmark. “The screening will run from 5pm on Saturday 23 June.


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