International films with Cebuano sound designers arrive at LA Film Fest

Jan Domino and Alain Lee Godornes

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Cebu is once again on the international stage.

Thanks to Jan Domino and Alain Lee Godornes, the proud sound designers of the international films “No Dogs” and “The Monsters Without”.

These films are by Californian director Randal Kamradt Jr.

And these will be shown at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival which is scheduled from September 23 to October 1.

It is the largest Asian-themed film festival in Hollywood.

Domino and Godornes are more than thrilled with this opportunity to show their talents and skills as sound designers on the international stage.

“Well, like all the other projects. It all started super hard. Hours and hours (maybe days) of organizing audio categories before you can even start working on the very first second of the entire duration of the movie [and] this is the first time that I take part in an international film festival. It’s epic! Massive increase in self-esteem. Domino said.

Gordornes, on the other hand, said he found working in films to be a great home run.

“Bringing these two films to the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival is a home run for me. I thank Randal and Doms for being great people to work with. They turned what could have been a very daunting task into something like a long, joyful road trip. “

Here is the synopsis of each film according to director Kamradt:

“The Monsters Without” is an adventure / fantasy feature film shot entirely in Biliran province, starring famous creatures from national folklore like Aswang and Kapre, but with a touch of freshness. The story goes that when a former rogue monster threatens existence, only the disjointed multinational team PHASE can stop it. But their new recruit holds an amazing secret.

“‘No dogs.’ Amid the Watsonville race riots that engulfed central California in 1930, Filipino-American Marisol seeks refuge in Carl’s restaurant. Neither cannot predict where this violent night will lead them, nor what secrets will be revealed.

Some of the actors in the film are Filipino while some of its scenes were shot in the Philippines. / dcb

Darcy J. Skinner

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