Jakarta Independent Film Festival and CathayPlay present Road to 3rd JIFF

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Jakarta Independent Film Festival and CathayPlay present Road to 3rd JIFF

Ahead of the Jakarta Independent Film Festival (JIFF) which will run from November 16-20, 2022, “Road to 3rd JIFF” will be one of the series of festival events that will kick off online from June 24-27.

This is in collaboration with CathayPlay, a streaming platform that promotes Chinese independent films from 2019. JIFF believes the Road to 3rd JIFF event could be a way to support more independent films. This aligns with CathayPlay’s vision of making independent films more inclusive and accessible from everywhere.

In this non-competitive collaboration, JIFF and CathayPlay organized four Chinese films with the program titles “Stories from Xinjiang” and “Stories from Tibet”, each containing two films. The “Stories from Xinjiang” section includes the films “My Choice” by Marhaba Israyil (2021) and “Elephant in the Car” by Ikram Nurmehmet (2020); the “Stories of Tibet” section is represented by the films “Sonam Raten” by Ta Gua (2020) and “Her Summer” by Chen Yunye (2020).

“The pieces include the life of an old shepherd, a vibrant Tibetan middle school student, and a Xinjiang girl’s exploration of self-awareness. They are filled with different emotions and tell their own stories with the musical instruments depicted. by ethnic groups and the unique cultural scenes of ethnic minorities,” explained CathayPlay curator Charlotte Duanmu.

Virtual festival-goers around the world can access the Road to 3rd JIFF event for free. All films will be screened with English and Indonesian subtitles on www.roadtojiff.ottchannel.com, which will be available during the days of the event.

Please visit www.jakartafilmfest.com or follow Instagram at @jakartafilmfest and @cathayplayglobal for more details.

Darcy J. Skinner