Kyungu calls for support for cultural festivals

Paramount Chief Kyungu, together with all the district chiefs of Karonga and Chitipa, called on the people to support and participate in the first-ever cultural heritage festival for the people of the two districts scheduled for October 28-29, 2022.

Kyungu made the call to the Karonga Museum during a meeting of the Council of Chiefs which brought together all the chiefs of the two districts. At the meeting, the chiefs agreed that the festival should take place at Mbande hill in Karonga, which would be a sacred place for both districts.

The paramount chief said he expects the festival to unify the people of Karonga and Chitipa districts, known for a wide variety of linguistic cultural groups.

“This is the first time that we will have a cultural heritage festival for the two districts. Now is the time to show the world our cultural norms and beliefs.

“What we need now is the support of all local supporters and those leaving the diaspora to help us financially and materially before the event,” Chief Kyungu remarked.

Paramount Chief Kyungu and his chiefs

Ntemi wa Batemi Kyungu further assured that all finances channeled to this cause would be taken into account.

Karonga-Chitipa Cultural Heritage Chairman John Mwanavuri Kabwilo said the festival will also help restore some cultural practices and inculcate them in young people.

“You see, the culture is slowly being lost and most of our young people don’t know much about our standards. So we decided to join our comrades in organizing an annual cultural festival as part of restoring our culture,” Kabwilo explained.

Kabwilo also observed that apart from restoring culture, the event will boost the economy of the two districts.

“Where such an event happens, different people will come from all walks of life. Thus, most of the inhabitants of Karonga and Chitipa will have the opportunity to boost their activities, especially in accommodation and catering,” said Kabwilo.

On his part, Senior Chief Wenya thanked the sons and daughters of Karonga and Chitipa for the initiative, saying it will bring unity between the people of the two districts.

Karonga-Chitipa Cultural Heritage was started in 2019 by Paramount Chief Kyungu and his chiefs and has been involved in a number of development projects in the two districts in the education and health sectors.

The theme of this year’s festival is Promoting Unity, Respecting the Elderly and Ending Gender-Based Violence.

Other annual cultural festivals in the country include Umthetho, Mulhakho wa Alhomwe and Kulamba.

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Darcy J. Skinner