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Published on October 18, 2021 3:28 p.m.

Light show, cultural festival held in Qingdao to celebrate Pak-China diplomatic relations

BEIJING (APP): To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Pakistani-Chinese diplomatic relations, the Embassy of Pakistan, in coordination with the local government in Qingdao and the Pakistani-Chinese center of the SCO demonstration area , held a thematic light show at the Qingdao International Olympics. Sailing center.

The light show displayed the official logo of the 70th anniversary celebrations and slogans capturing the brotherly ties between the two countries.

Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque Wang Lumimg, Chairman of Qingdao People’s Congress, Zhu Tieyi, Director General of Qingdao Culture and Tourism Bureau and Mou Jundian, Director General of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Qingdao, attended the meeting. Members of the Pakistani community and representatives of the media were also present on the occasion.

The Pakistan Cultural Festival was also held at the International Sailing Center in Qingdao to celebrate the diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

The event brought together senior officials of the Qingdao government, including Wang Luming, chairman of the Qingdao People’s Congress, Mou Jundian, director general of the Qingdao Foreign Office, Zhu Tieyi, director general of the Culture and Culture Bureau. Qingdao tourism and Ms. Wang. Hong, the chairman of Qingdao Tourism Group. Local artists, students and media representatives also attended the event.

Speaking on the occasion, President Wang Luming said China attaches immense importance to deepening its bilateral relations with Pakistan.

He added that as a host of the SCO demonstration area and due to ever deeper bilateral trade and economic relations, Qingdao and Pakistan can expand their relations in cultural exchanges, two-way tourism and media cooperation.

Wang assured that Qingdao will continue to spearhead the development of relations with Pakistan in all areas of cooperation.

During his address, Ambassador Moin ul Haque said Pakistan and China are iron brothers and strategic cooperation partners in all weather.

He stressed that it was imperative to encourage interpersonal and cultural relations to transmit the most beautiful traditions of Pakistani-Chinese friendship to the younger generations of the two countries.

During the festival, Chinese children performed traditional Pakistani and Chinese songs. The famous Pakistani film ‘Parwaz Hay Junoon’ was also shown during the event and the guests were entertained with traditional Pakistani cuisine.

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