Live Collision International Festival Announces 2022 Lineup

LIVE COLLISION INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL showcases some of the most daring and captivating works of our time and is considered the leading model for the curation of living art in Ireland.

Taking place over four days, 27-30 April 2022 at the Project Arts Center in Dublin, the festival showcases artists of exceptional caliber – from pioneering international artists making groundbreaking work across the globe to the next generation of performance makers Ireland’s most exciting.

Presenting through formal and informal spaces while encountering the familiar and the unknown. The LCIF2022 festival program asks us to come together around ideas, provocations and imaginations while basking in the meditative song of live performance. Give space and time to contemplate, escape, get lost and lift your heart in a frenzy of shared joy and celebration.

Live Collision International Festival is an annual live art festival showcasing some of the most groundbreaking artists of our time, alongside new voices and the next generation of creators from Europe, the UK and Ireland with work outstanding on performance and digital platforms. The festival program (artists & artworks) urgently explores topics such as class, race, rhetoric, migration, mental health, feminism, identity, gender, sexuality, access, equality and displacement.

PROGRAM OVERVIEW – Live Collision International Festival 2022

The 2022 festival lineup features many outstanding artists: (soon to be) international icons Cade & MacAskill (Rosana Cade & Ivor MacAskill) bring the digital edition of their brand new work The Making of Pinocchio after its international debut to great acclaim critically acclaimed at Tramway (Glasgow) and premiered online at Take Me Somewhere festival (May 2021).

Brokentalkers returns with their critically acclaimed and multi-award winning work, The Examination, exploring mental health and human rights in the prison system. Portrayed by Gary Keegan of Brokentalkers and comedian and former prisoner Willie White.

ANU Productions Research Coney Island Dodgems, a research phase by lead artist Owen Boss, will host a series of conversations focusing on the sound system and dance floor as a vehicle for spreading culture and alternative political ideology.

Internationally acclaimed artist Harun Morrison brings two new works to this year’s festival. Nothing Special is a living text comprising 365 statements describing everyday scenarios witnessed by the artist in the UK’s most severe lockdown phase. This work unfolds as a live reading, performance in English and Irish. How To Do Things With Non-Words is a visual installation with an excerpt from the Journal of British Language and Communication Disorders accompanied by the voice of Zurich artist and musician Lea Rüegg. Originally commissioned as part of ‘Not Standing in Place’, a project by Vlatka Horvat & Tim Etchells, Zurich: Theater Spektakel Festival, 2021.

Ireland’s most sought-after interdisciplinary artist, Trinidadian-Irish artist Maïa Nunes, brings the second orbit in a new series of immersive and experimental performance works, Solas, Channeling the Sun. An offering of light. Incorporating original sound design and musical composition, with live instrumentation and vocal improvisation.

Using advanced AI technology, dance and music, Glimmer asks; how to embrace virtual landscapes and digital lives while keeping our beautiful human idiosyncrasies sacred? Directed by Robyn Byrne and Rachel Ní Bhraonáin, choreographed in collaboration with Roisin Harten. This new work will take place in the public space, a disused commercial space (6 – 7 St. Stephen’s Green ex-TopShop) using the latest technological innovations in collaboration with Algorithm.

Object Permanence by Kat Hawkins (UK) is an early solo dance presentation that asks questions about how long it takes to get things done. Constructing a landscape of stiffness, Kat takes us intimately into the relationship between the disabled body and assistive devices, revealing a world of joy, companionship and sensuality.

BheBhe&Davies (UK), a newly formed duo to be reckoned with, will present Viscera a film installation about who has the right to fully express their emotions in different social contexts and how our identities liberate or limit our behaviour. Viscera is shaped by militant, anti-racist and feminist writing, gestures drawn from competitive sports and visceral human experiences. Commissioned by the Wellcome Collection.

House of Origin is a body of multimedia research on Ballroom culture and the possibilities of building Ballroom for Black queer community and gender euphoria in an Irish context by Origins Eile. House of Origin includes a new video project, recorded interviews with some of Ballroom’s icons, voice responses submitted by our black queer community here in Ireland.

Dublin-based multidisciplinary artist ALYXIS premiered his debut EP “RUSH” via FACT MAG in April 2021. ALYXIS will be releasing new music in April with Berlin-based label DiaxDem. XOIOXO is a top notch live performance; an intimate encounter with the vast electronic range of this incredible artist.

Lynnette Moran, Festival Director of Live Collision International Festival, says:

“It is with great anticipation that we welcome back our live festival program and audiences. It feels like a huge expectation since we reconfigured our program in April 2020 in response to public health guidelines. no doubt it has been incredibly difficult for independent artists who have struggled to survive during this time. The battle for artists, whom we support through Live Collision, was even greater. It was not just financial but also emotional and fundamental.Overnight, support networks, communities and contexts disappeared, leaving an array of artists, already operating within the parameters of conventional cultural space, adrift from vital anchors.We We’ve been working to stay buoyant, stay connected, listen and respond to the new ways artists need to do work right now.

Luckily, we are able to bring together amazing artists, introduce new voices, and re-explore the landscape of live art practice with the same rigor as before. However, it’s not business as usual, we’ve changed the pace and scale of the festival to open up space for artists to work in this new climate; further broadening the focus of the festival (both for artists and audiences), while providing the work with both space and time as a vital resource.

We are really delighted to welcome the public and the artists again, in close proximity and in a meaningful dialogue. Now more than ever, it means so much to share ideas, policies, space and the environment. We are delighted to say that our festival program is fresh, fierce and waiting for the audience. Join us, you are all welcome.”

Tickets are on sale now and the full festival program is on

Darcy J. Skinner