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JUDGES: Zoe Proude and Jock Carr have been chosen to serve on the jury of young judges for the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival.

Local students Jock Carr, Zoe Proude and Django Elliott have been chosen to serve on the youth jury for the Adelaide International Youth Film Festival which kicks off on September 27.

The youth jury will be made up of young adults from Australia and countries like the US, UK and China.

The jury will watch and critique six feature films and 87 short films by award-winning filmmakers from over 20 countries.

“We’re not experts or anything, but we know what makes a good movie and how to judge it,” Jock said.

Jock and Zoe will be flown over, housed and chaperoned at the Adelaide Shores Resort during the four days of the festival.

Jock examines his options on how to pursue a career in film.

“I really want to be a director or work somewhere in the cinema,” Jock said.

Zoe, however, is interested in storytelling and is involved in a writing project to publish a book.

“Zoe attends a weekly youth workshop organized by the local group Eyre Writers,” said Zoe’s mother, Latisha Proude.

Jock and his friend and colleague Judge Django will post online to promote the festival.

“We will share what we saw and throughout the festival we will be posting what we saw in whatever medium we have,” Jock said.


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