“Loculus” named best short film at the Zoom-Zblizenia film festival

TEHRAN – Iranian director Amir Ruini’s “Loculus” won the award for best short film at the 24th Zoom-Zblizenia International Film Festival in Poland, organizers said on Tuesday.

In this movie, the engine in the cemetery mortuary breaks down and everyone has to bury the bodies. Meanwhile, a ten-year-old boy does not want to bury his mother’s body.

Hungarian director Sandor Csoma’s “Casting” won the Special Jury Prize.

The short is about 18-year-old Julia, who lives in a poor mining town with her brother. One day, she tries her luck at a model casting in the hopes of starting a new life abroad. However, when casting, it turns out that they are looking for porn actresses.

The prize for the first best documentary short went to “Lorino’s Whale” by Polish filmmaker Maciej Cuske.

The film deals with whaling, one of the last sources of life and tradition for the Chukchi people, who are also threatened with extinction. The Chukchi hope to survive next winter. When the land of Lorion is warmed by the sun, the hunters set out. A clash of two worlds comes to the brink of existence with every encounter.

“Magnum Opus” also won the award for second best documentary short.

Polish filmmaker Filip Bojarski said: “I found the autobiography of my great-uncle Waclaw in my parents’ attic. He wrote about a secret underground organization he founded in Lodz during World War II. No one in the family knows much about his mysterious life, so I decided to stage a one-man show to introduce Waclaw’s incredible past to the family.

Directed by Daria Kopiec from Poland, “Your Own Bullshit” was selected as the best animated short.

The film tells that there is nothing better than a family dinner. Even if it looks like a looped scenario, repeated over and over again. Even if apart from food, you have to swallow the words of your loved ones: sometimes bitter, sometimes so repetitive that they make you nauseous, recited by heart for so many years.

Photo: A scene from the dramatic short film “Loculus” by Iranian director Amir Ruini.


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