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The Manhattan Short Film Festival will be held Wednesday, September 29 at 6 p.m. and Thursday, September 30 at 2:30 p.m. at Look Cinemas, 340 N Eureka St, Redlands.

The runtime of the films is two hours and 15 minutes.

Tickets are $ 25 (includes the post-screening reception with snacks and drinks) and are available at the Redlands Art Association 215 E. State St. and Look Cinemas.

Final Ten Manhattan Short finalists come from eight countries with films from UK, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Norway, Italy and Canada, France

and the United States.

The last 10 films represent the best short films out of 970 submissions

from 70 countries received by Manhattan Short for 2021, testimony to the sustainability

the dynamism and creativity of short films around the world.

The 10 Manhattan court finals are: “Death By Handshake” (United States); “Ganef” (United Kingdom); “Bad omen” (Afghanistan); “Rough” (Northern Ireland); “Archibald Syndrome” (France); “The Kicksled Choir” (Norway); “Closed to the Light” (Italy); “Out of time” (France); “Aurora” (United States); and “Monsieur Cachemire” (Canada).

Manhattan Short continues to be a showcase for new voices and perspectives. “Death By Handshake” director Hudson Flynn, for example, was just 16 when he created his wry nod to New York City living during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Humor is also present in films like “Rough” from Northern Ireland, “Le syndrome d’Archibald” in France and “Monsieur Cashemire” by


“Out of Time” and the animated “Aurora” are in-depth studies of a couple of women who are realizers of life at different stages of our existence from the French and American point of view.

Short films

Covering broad topics include Norway’s “Kicksled Choir”, which offers a refreshing look at conflict resolution, while “Bad Omen” examines how a woman copes with difficult circumstances in Afghanistan.

“Closed To The Light” goes back in time to focus on a fascinating moment in World

The Italy of WWII as the UK’s “Ganef” examines the spillover effect of this war on subsequent generations.

The “trauma” is like a virus, resilient and adaptive, able to live well beyond the

moment is inflicted, ”notes Ganef director Mark Rosenblatt, once again demonstrating how short films can deal with a whole subject.

All Final Ten shorts are Oscar qualified, which means they will automatically be eligible for an Oscar nomination by being screened for a week at the Hollywood Arena CineLounge in Los Angeles County from 24 to September 30.

Darcy J. Skinner

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