“Mom”, “Absence”, “Lipar” awarded at the Barcelona Asian Film Festival

TEHRAN – Iranian films “Mom”, “Absence” and “Lipar” won awards at the 10th edition of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival in Spain.

‘Mom’, also known as ‘Maman’, won Best Director for Arash Anisi in the official section at the festival’s closing ceremony last week.

The acclaimed drama depicts a woman who lost all the beautiful things she once had, including her name, her job and her husband, years ago after the outbreak of war. She now works as a taxi driver and lives with her three children in a small apartment. In order to pursue her maternal authority, she decides to keep her children away from each other, and of course from land that belongs to her. When she gets rid of her youngest son’s wife, her other son decides to marry one of his companions. The story thus unfolds in two parallel worlds: in the real world and in the world recreated in the screenplay of the film written by his youngest son.

Earlier last week, film stars Roya Afshar and Erfan Ebrahimi won the Best Actor and Supporting Actor awards at Les Rimbaud du Cinéma festival in France.

In the panorama section of the Barcelona Asian Film Festival, “Absence” won the prize for best screenplay.

Written and directed by Ali Mosaffa, the film tells the story of Ruzebeh, who travels from Tehran, far from his troubled family life, to Prague, Czech Republic, immersing himself in an investigation that follows his father’s journey as a as a communist expatriate in Czechoslovakia, in his in order to better understand his father, who started a new life in Eastern Europe after the 1953 coup. Yet every clue he finds deepens the mystery surrounding the man he thought he knew.

“Lipar” by Hossein Rigi received the prize for best screenplay.

It follows Barakat, a Baloch teenager, very interested in the film industry, especially Bollywood. He tries to find the vague secret of his life to find an answer to his questions.

In official competition, the Chinese drama “Return to Dust” by Li Ruijun was selected as best film, while “When Pomegranates Howl”, a co-production between Afghanistan and Australia by Granaz Musavi, won the prize for best script.

Pictured: Roya Afshar stars in a scene from Arash Anisi’s ‘Mom’.


Darcy J. Skinner