Residents enjoy the annual cultural festival in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. – A local festival kicks off for Labor Day weekend.

The 31st Annual African Street Festival gives many people the opportunity to explore a variety of items, food and music this Labor Day weekend.

“Well they bring everyone together, give you a chance to network, some people don’t even know I’m here,” said Lauquenta Shaw, festival vendor.

Many people came to the Oman Arena on Saturday to take advantage of all the vendors filling the arena parking lot. From clothing vendors to jewelry, candles and more.

“I have a lot of people who come to my station. New people are coming and regular customers, ”said Cami Hill, festival salesperson.

And of course, they come for all the delicious food.

“We have barbecues, nachos, hot dogs for the kids, burgers, cheeseburgers. We have hot wings, buffalo wings and all that good stuff, ”said Willy Harrison, a food vendor at the festival.

The African Street Festival was created to shed light on African culture and a vendor at the festival, Briaria Warry says she does just that.

“I just want to push everyone to their essential potential, especially with us in this community,” Warry said.

The festival will end on September 5th.

Darcy J. Skinner

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