Rule 34 Wins Golden Leopard

The Golden Leopard Award for Best Film went to Rule 34a Brazilian drama directed by Julia Murat, at the 2022 Locarno International Film Festival.

Rule 34 is the story of a young law student whose sexual desires lead her into a world of violence and eroticism.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the feature film is a disturbing look at a young law student who, by day, passionately defends women’s rights in domestic violence cases and, by night, performs in front of a live sex camera. .

Tengo Suenos Electricos, a family drama by Costa Rican director Valentina Maurel, won three prizes at Locarno: best director for Maurel; both Acting Honors; and Best Actress and Best Actor for performers Daniela Marn Navarro and Reinaldo Amien Gutierrez, respectively.

Navarro portrays 16-year-old Eva, who enters with her estranged father (Gutierrez) to escape her oppressive home life with her mother and younger sister.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Adventures of Gigi the Law, directed by Italian filmmaker Alessandro Comodin, won the Locarno Jury Prize. The film follows Gigi, a traffic inspector in rural Italy who begins to investigate a mysterious wave of youth suicides.

First prize in Locarno’s Filmmakers of the Present section went to Tereza Nvotova’s horror-tinged drama night siren, while Juraj Leroti’s drama safe place, about a man who attempts suicide while his family tries to save him for 24 hours won both the Special Jury Prize and Best Actor Award for lead actor Goran Markovic, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Anastasia Karpenko, a Ukrainian actress, won Best Actress in the category for her work as a single mother trying to give her daughter Katia a better life in Christina Tynkevych’s play How is Kathy?

The winners were announced on the last day of the 75th Locarno Festival.

Darcy J. Skinner