Russia takes part in the international cultural festival

The Dandy Mall Foundation opened the “Dandy’s International Month” festival, which included various dance performances and other activities from participating countries.

The countries that participated in the festival were: China, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Russia, which presented artistic performances of ballet dances and an exhibition of handicrafts and various types of food embodying Russian culture, its heritage, customs and traditions. derived from its ancient civilization.

For his part, Murad Jatin, the director of the Russian Cultural Centers in Egypt expressed his joy at having chosen Russia to participate in this festival which took place in wonderful harmony between the participating countries through the products and activities. folklore they presented, which were praised by the general public.

Jatin thanked the foundation for the good organization of the festival, as well as “Amr El-Serafy”, the vice-president of the board of directors of Dandy Mega Mall, and “Sally Rawhi”, member of the board of directors, for having was honored with the Shield of the Foundation.

Sherif Gad, director of cultural activities at the Russian Center, said the administration of the foundation’s interest in Russian participation reflects the status of Russian culture among Egyptians.

The director mentioned that he was satisfied with the organizing committee’s evaluation of the Russian offers, which they described as the best.

Submitted by Israa Farhan

Darcy J. Skinner