Sentiments at the premiere of the Festival International du Cinéma Francophone en Académie

the film Alone It tells the story of Afshin, Alan and Patricia, three children who immigrated to Canada without their parents. The three manage to rebuild their lives little by little despite the loneliness that threatens them.

Sandrine Pérignon said she moved towards the end of the show.

It was a very moving film. We’re both immigrants, so we kind of find ourselves in the vision of Canada that this movie has shown us, and in fact, there are three well-chosen characters.He points to the spectator.

Reality in New Brunswick

Mehdi Seoudi, who welcomes immigrants to CAFI in Dieppe, feels inspired when the film comes out Alone. He hopes the evening raised awareness in the community to do more about integrating newcomers.

Mahdi Seoudi attended the film’s premiere alone and was influenced by the heroic immigrant experience of the feature film.

Photo: Radio Canada / Isabelle Arsenault

You have to accept them, include them, make them feel at home so that they reveal their inner richness., do you think.

He said immigrants are determined and deserve fair treatment.

We’re just giving them a chance and that’s enough for them to show the best of themselves.

Quote from Mahdi Seoudi, Migrant reception officer at CAFI

Mahdi Soudi encourages the Greater Moncton community to contact CAFI to participate in the matchmaking program, which allows Canadians and newcomers to meet.

the filming crew Alone, meet in Moncton

Director Paul Tom addressed the audience after the performance with a tear in his eye.

I have the impression that there is a community here that feels the problems and is therefore able to recover from a problem like immigration and the minor immigration that goes with it., he explains.

The director of the film single-handedly hopes that his film will interest Canadians in welcoming immigrants.

Photo: Radio Canada / Isabelle Arsenault

Paul Tom wants his film to show that immigrants, whether they are children or not, have the capacity to succeed and to rebuild themselves if the community which welcomes them is also useful and united.

Alan Arcaza, one of the protagonists of the film, is proud to watch it Alone in Moncton for the first time, having previously lived nearby, in Gagetown, as part of his military training. He left Burundi in 2008 with his two older brothers when he was only 15 years old.

He wants his story to be inspired by other immigrants like him and not be afraid of confidence, daring and limitless dreams. But he also has a message to deliver to the communities.

Alain Arcaza.

Alain Aracaza left Burundi at the age of fifteen. His migratory journey took place without his parents, with a lot of flexibility.

Photo: Radio Canada / Isabelle Arsenault

Always realize that people come from different circumstances and always be ready to show the direction. Even just being nice sometimes, a smile, it affects someone.

Quote from Alain Arazaka

Have a good evening

Dominique Léger, director of programming FICFAThe opening night was beyond expectations.

Seeing really warm applause, seeing people applauding with so much love and admiration for the team and for Allen who was there, I think I’m going to get goosebumps for a whileDominic Léger confirms.

In addition to the hectic atmosphere, Dominic Léger wants to choose the film Alone Motivate the community to act on the integration of newcomers.

I also learned that usually there are politicians, mayors, mayors, donors and governments. They are also taking a stand.

The FICFA Until November 19, in person and online (A new window).

Darcy J. Skinner