South India’s largest inter-university cultural festival

Festember – a festival that started as a dream in 1975 to celebrate culture, students and talent on a big stage. From humble origins, the continued support, enthusiasm and perseverance of students and participants year after year has helped the festival become a national attraction that has captured the attention of millions. Festember hosts a plethora of workshops, events, guest lectures, interviews, and professional performances that make the festival memorable for all participating students and organizers. The contribution of the educational advisors and the constant efforts of the various Festember teams who strive to keep the wheels of progress behind the scenes are invaluable in making the party a reality. Several days of fun, excitement and fun are encompassed in the canopy of Festember.

With great care comes great responsibility and as such, Festember remains mindful of its social responsibility to give back to the community which has never failed to embrace it year after year. As the world promises hope for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, Festember’s social responsibility team has donated goods and supplies to 3 local hospitals to support them in times of need and help them continue to meet the needs of the public.

Festember stands today as the largest inter-university cultural festival in South India and embodies the construction of a harmonious cultural quilt by celebrating the talent of diverse artists and sharing the inspiring stories behind renowned personalities. Each of the different facets of cultural activities has been categorized into 11 groups, making a grand total of over 30 events in the space of a week. These extracurricular activities, events, and exhibitions serve as a platform to bring together students with diverse interests. It provides them with a platform to test their skills in literature, games, music, dance, art and fashion while simultaneously lighting the fire of friendly competition within them.

During the organization of various events, there were some highlight events such as Choreonite and “Mr. and Mrs. Festember”, which have become synonymous with Festember himself. Apart from these events, workshops aimed at capturing the creativity of the participants such as origami, speed art, cartooning and informal events such as mafia, picharades, team hunting, etc. are organized.

The flagship guest lecture series “Carpe Diem” never fails to capture the attention of the masses as household names in various fields such as music, sports, art and the film industry grace the Dias de Festember to share their ideas and experiences with the public. As part of this series, we have featured cast and crew members from popular shows such as Brooklyn 99, Dark, Money Heist, and more.

The heart and soul of any festival are the participants and what brings them together. As such, each edition of the festival is centered around a theme to add to the audience engagement and appeal of Festember. This year the theme is ‘Greek Mysticism’ and in order to celebrate the Golden Age of the Cradle of Western Civilization, various aspects of the holiday have been ‘Greekified’.

As we once again approach this long-awaited time of the year, we encourage everyone to join in the festivities and take part in the events with great enthusiasm to help broaden the horizons of Festember.

Darcy J. Skinner