The 17th Sioux City International Film Festival has its winners


Over 180 films have been entered for the 17th Sioux City International Film Festival.

Only 69 films, from seven different countries, have been selected to screen throughout Iowa’s longest-running film festival, which runs from Thursday, September 29 through Sunday, October 2.

On Saturday, seven films were selected by the festival among the best of the whole procedure. Here are the choices:

Best of the Fest: “The Queen of Basketball” (Directed by Ben Proudfoot)

The film won the Oscar for “Best Documentary Short” earlier this year.

The film explores the life of Lucy Harris, one of America’s greatest basketball players. Harris has three national trophies and scored the first field goal in women’s Olympic basketball at the 1976 Olympics. Proudfoot was a Forbes 30 Under 30 entrepreneur in 2020.

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Best Drama: “Sons of Toledo” (directed by Monty Cole)

After receiving early morning news of his younger brother’s murder, a grieving barber navigates the muddy waters of grief to find the courage to do the impossible – give his brother one last haircut.

Best Documentary: “Jimmie C. The Exoneree” (Directed by Max Karpman and Seth Karall)

After spending 27 years in prison for crimes he didn’t commit, Jimmie Gardner reflects on his perspective on his horrific ordeal. Through his college radio show, Jimmie learns how to DJ and shares his experience receiving a second chance at life.

Best Comedy: “Gunpoint” (Directed by Bill Marsillii)

A lucky owner opens his door and discovers the true price of terror. Marsillii is also the screenwriter of the romantic time travel thriller DEJA VU.

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy: “Jim of Earth” (Directed by Justin Arwood)

A lonely man searches the stars for signs of extraterrestrial life.

Best Horror/Thriller Film: “The Third Defector” (directed by John Gray)

What seems like a simple mission for a spy to keep tabs on an Iranian defector becomes a more complicated game of cat and mouse on the streets of Paris. Gray was last year’s winner in this category for his film “The Desecrated.”

Best Music: “Trumpet” (トランペット) (Directed by Kevin Haefelin)

The Japanese trumpeter on a cultural pilgrimage to discover New York jazz is having a hellish night after getting lost in Brooklyn. The original music is by Mao Soné, who also stars in the film.

Sioux City International Film Festival to Award Outstanding Short Films for 17th Year

The festival also featured two “People’s Choice” winners who were unavailable at the time of publication.

The Sioux City International Film Festival plans to screen the winners at 6 p.m. General admission tickets are $10 and a day pass is $25.

Darcy J. Skinner