The best Australian international movies to watch on Netflix

Number 5. 100% wolf

Yes, that’s right, we’re starting our list of the best international Australian movies to watch on Netflix with a movie the whole family will enjoy. 100% Wolf is an animated film that follows the journey of a pack of wolves who protect the local town. The key to the storyline is Freddy; he is expected to take on the role of an alpha male, but at the age of 13, rather than transforming into a wolf, he becomes an adorable poodle instead. Does the cuddly pooch have what it takes to keep everything on track? It’s worth keeping an eye out for Foxwell – played by Rhys Darby – and Batty; she is voiced by Hugo Weaving’s niece, Samara.

Number 4. Danger near

Here’s a real change of pace as we move from an animated movie to a war story; the latter is based on real events. Danger Close focuses on “The Battle of Long Tan” which took place in Vietnam in the sixties. The film, which strongly features vikings Star Travis Fimmel, has been well received in Australia with nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and winning Best Sound at the AACTA Awards. We don’t do spoilers, but this war movie unfolds spectacularly with a not-so-standard ending.

Number 3. A 2nd chance

In fact, this film is one of two 2nd chance movies available on Netflix. As is often the case, suites rarely live up to the same standards. A 2nd chance focuses on Maddy, a rising gymnast. Gymnastics might not be what you would consider one of the main betting sports, but throughout this film’s 95 minutes, Maddy and her trainer, Kate, played by Nina Pearce, must defy the odds. to reach the top.

Number 2. Kath and Kimmerella

Kath and Kimderella came out 10 years ago now as a spin-off of the Australian sitcom Kath and Kim. The comedy duo are reunited at the start of the film. In no time, they won the trip of their life to Italy. Once they’ve completed the flight, the fun really begins with comedic twists and laughs along the way. With big names such as Richard E Grant also in attendance, it’s hard not to give him the 85 minutes he demands.

Number 1. The Nightingale

Topping our list of the best Australian international movies to watch on Netflix is The Nightingale. The first place ranking is not up for debate; it’s the best Aussie movie on Netflix right now. The film takes you back in time to 1825 as Aisling Franciosi – playing a character named Clare – is forced to endure unwanted advances while serving as a con man. From there, the film becomes a story of violence, race, and revenge with a strong plot and even stronger scenes. contrary to 100% Wolfit’s not for kids!

There you have it, our take on the best Australian international movies to watch on Netflix

Darcy J. Skinner