The Dongpo Cultural Festival will be held in Meishan, China, the hometown of Su Dongpo

MEISHAN, China, November 162022 /PRNewswire/ — From November 17 to 20the 12 Dongpo The cultural festival will take place at Meishan, Sichuan ProvinceSouth West China. This cultural festival is jointly sponsored by Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Meishan municipal people’s government and the Chinese Academy of Aesthetics, aiming to prosper Dongpo’s the cultural industry, promote the exchange and mutual learning of Dongpo culture, and make it global.

Su Dongpo, a famous writer in Chinese history, was born in Meizhou in 1037, where the city of Meishan is today. He was a great person who contributed to world culture and made outstanding achievements in the fields of literature, calligraphy, painting, medicine and food. In the year 2000, The World of France selected 12 “Millennium Heroes” (1001-2000) in the world, and he was the only Chinese selected.

Many Chinese specialties bear his name, such as Dongpo Elbow, Dongpo Fish, Dongpo Meat, Dongpo Pickles, etc. In 1058, at the age of 21, Su Dongpo left his hometown Meizhou and traveled everywhere. China. Meishan, the beautiful and wealthy hometown, gave Su Dongpo a good taste gene, so he sought out local delicacies when traveling and made delicious dishes himself.

But what really made Su Dongpo famous in the world was his poetry. Su Dongpo’s poems are imbued with the essence of Chinese culture of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism in a bold and unrestrained way. Over the past thousand years, he has accumulated countless fans around the world, deeply marked the minds of Chinese people for generations, and more deeply shaped his hometown of Meishan.

Today, Dongpo culture has been integrated into every corner of the city. Meishan people are fond of reading and cooking, and have accumulated thousands of years of humanistic flavor and “Dongpo flavor” from generation to generation. Dongpo’s interesting stories can especially stimulate the interest of teenagers. The Legend of Young Su Dongpo, which airs this year, restored the style and characteristics of Meizhou in the Northern Song Dynasty through animations, showing the beautiful image of young Su Dongpo growing up in Meizhou.

In August 2022, Meishan City proposed to build the Dongpo Culture Heritage and Development Center and build a global su study plateau, an excellent traditional culture and education base and a humanistic tourist resort, and has identified November as Meishan City’s “Dongpo Culture Month”. Since November, 1st, colorful cultural and tourist activities were carried out. In addition to the special exhibition of cultural relics with the theme of “Three Su” and large-scale poetry, music and dance performances, Meishan, together with 17 other ruined cities of Dongpo, Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle, Chengdu-Deyang-Meishan-Ziyang Development Economic Circle and other sister cities of China, launched a series of activities, such as 10,000 people chanting Dongpo, cultural experience and refined tour. Dongpo Culture Festival is the highlight of Dongpo Culture Month.

“Dongpo” is a business card that Meishan hands over to the world and also embellishes the historical chapter of world culture. The millennial heritage of the Dongpo culture also gives the Meishan people the confidence to make Meishan a national historical and cultural city, which will be another map of the national city of Meishan in addition to a national forest city, a national civilized city and a national sanitary city.

Source: Meishan Municipal People’s Government

SOURCE Meishan Municipal People’s Government

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