The first international science fiction and fantasy film festival in Turkey in September

Turkey First The “World Sci-Fi & Fantastic Film Festival” will unite moviegoers with imagination and science in Istanbul this year. The festival, organized by the municipality of Beyoglu, it will be organized with a wide range of events from September 28 to 30.

The festival will be held with the organization of the International Association of Science and Arts Creators and under the leadership of the association’s president, Feliz Dag, and writer Gulshah Elekbank. In their joint statement on the festival, Dag and Here’s Bank said that the idea of ​​holding such a festival came from global stalemate due to various issues.

pointing out that sci-fi and fantasy species are increasing in world cinema The festival management said that they want to provide an event for moviegoers to contribute to the development of these types in Turkey and benefit from the large capacity. Noting that they left with a competent team for a film festival with a global vision, hmm added that they want to connect with the world of young people, draw their strength, cross borders and reflect on their new perspective – Perspectives on the big screen .

According to the information presented by Dag, the Festival team comes together with the valuable creators from many different fields such as genetics, aeronautics, electronics, software, astrophysics, psychology, literature, theater, cinema and digital ARTIndustrie Entrepreneurship music and financing. She confirmed that these creators met on The Common Reasons of “Rêve” and “Production”.

Reason Explained Why the festival is called global, Dag said that they don’t aim to survive on the basis of countries and international instead they encourage dreaming between universes.

The event The Turkish public will present a festival in which fantastic science films where the technological tools of the future Space shuttles, robots and the unlimited possibilities of science come together with art And fantastic films that deal with the list Topics on the imagination Like magic, supernatural events, myths for the first time.

Darcy J. Skinner