The Moscow Film Festival has suspended its accreditation by the association FIAPF – Deadline

The ban on retaliation against anything Russian by companies, organizations and individuals concerned with that country’s invasion of Ukraine continued today. The FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations, translated by International Federation of Film Producers Associations) took action against two film festivals in that country.

The organization announced earlier today that the Moscow International Film Festival and the Message to Man International Film Festival had suspended their accreditation “until further notice”.

The FIAPF, created in 1933, has 36 member associations and provides accreditation to 47 film festivals. It helps producers resolve issues of copyright, intellectual property rights, anti-piracy, technology standardization and trade issues.

Being accredited by FIAPF means that a festival is committed to implementing the standards set by FIAPF members, including clear submission and competition procedures, and a concern for the safety of screens, prints and piracy in theaters. This essentially means a loss of prestige and favor among international film festivals, which could hurt registrations in the future.

Russia has seen references drawn from everyone from space pioneer Yuri Gagarin to Valery Gergiev of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and other cultural figures over the past month. Companies ranging from McDonald’s to Starbucks are no longer active in Russia, and movies, Netflix and music events have all been pulled.

Darcy J. Skinner