The Roller Peps series is awarded at an international festival

Roller Pepsa series aimed at children and produced by the streaming platform Feliz7Playwon the bronze crown in the Best Children’s Production category at the 49th edition of the International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Crown Awards. The ranking was released earlier in March. The prize takes place every year and rewards the best Christian-themed audiovisual content.

On the screens, the characters experience daily situations that provide lessons in civics, respect, love of God and neighbour, solicitude, biblical and social values. Available in Portuguese, Spanish, English and Brazilian Sign Language (Libra), the series is inclusive: the protagonists walk on wheels, a way found by the producers to make children with special needs feel represented.

For Carlos Magalhães, head of digital strategies at Adventist South America Headquarters and one of the creators of Feliz7Play, this achievement highlights the Adventist Church’s contribution to children’s development. “The award represents recognition of the quality of the content of Christian education for children,” he said.

Since its release, Roller Peps has become a teaching tool. Besides supporting parents of young children, Christian schools have also used the series to teach values. Moreover, it has even become a theme for children’s parties.

“It focuses on presenting moral and educational principles to an age group that learns primarily through stories but still cannot assimilate abstract concepts. Through characters, children learn to identify behaviors and are encouraged to copy what is positive and reject what is negative,” Magalhães explains.

Impact and practical relevance

In the eyes of music teacher Lucila Andrade, Roller Peps is fun and full of practical examples of Christian values, presented in a way that little ones understand. “It is the application, in their language, of beliefs and verses that sometimes seem beyond the understanding of children,” she describes.

Feliz7Play’s content, she points out, complements the Christian education she and her husband strive to provide for their children, Luíza and Arthur. “Here at home, we use it to complement the stories of the [Sabbath School] lesson, as meditation and also for them to learn more about the Bible.

Translator Cecília Eller Nascimento has a similar perception. For her, the streaming platform conveys the security that when her children are in contact with the productions, they are in front of reliable material. “We have peace of mind that at the same time they’re watching something fun, they’re learning, growing, and that makes us very happy,” she says.

Roller Peps speaks of friendship, faithfulness to the Bible, [and] the importance of the Sabbath. In a very relaxed way, the children access a series of biblical values ​​which, for our family, are very important”, adds Nascimento.

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This article was originally published on the South American Division News Site


Darcy J. Skinner