The San Francisco Arab Film Festival will screen the Jordanian film “Salam’s Home”

‘Salam’s Home’, directed by Hanadi Elyan, won the Jordan Film Fund for post-production.

Jordanian movie Salam’s house by Hanadi Elyan will be screened at the San Francisco Arab Film Festival Saturday, November 19 at 2:45 p.m. (GMT-7) at the Roxie Theater.

The film festival is scheduled for November 11-20, 2022.

In October, the film screened at four film festivals in the United States, including the Heartland International Film Festival in Indiana; Austin Film Festival in Texas; Arab American National Museum Arab Film Festival in Michigan; and Boston Palestinian Film Festival. Internationally, the film screened at the Tahrir Cultural Center at the American University in Cairo, and actress Juliet Awad won awards at the Malmö Film Festival in Sweden.

The film had its world premiere at the Cinequest Film and Creativity Festival in San Jose, USA, where it won Best Feature (Global Vision Award) and was nominated for Best Feature at the Film Festival. Atlanta movie.

In July, Salam’s house was released exclusively on Netflix in the Middle East and North Africa region, where it ranked in the platform’s top 10 most-watched films for three consecutive weeks.

Ahead of its Netflix release, the film premiered in Jordan at Taj Cinemas with the cast, crew, critics and media personalities in attendance.

Salam’s house is set in Jordan and revolves around three women with distinct personalities. Salma (Juliet Awad) is a talented baker living alone in a large old house overlooking downtown Amman and running a non-profit home bakery, and her daughter Farah (Sameera Asir) is a young mother who works with marital problems with her husband Malek (Firas Taybeh).

Their lives are turned upside down by the death of Salma’s ex-husband. The funeral is held at the home of his current wife, Lamia (Rania Kurdi), a budding socialite obsessed with social media. After the funeral, Uncle Emad (Waleed Jizawi) brings shocking information to light leading to territorial clashes and ultimately forcing the three women to come to terms with some harsh realities and take control of their lives.

Written and Directed by Hanadi Elyan, SAlma’s house received the Global Vision Award for Best Feature Film at the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival in San Jose, CA. The film stars Juliet Awad, Sameera Asir, Rania Kurdi and Firas Taybeh, and is produced by Reel LA Productions (producer Nathan Bennett). MAD Solutions distributes the film in the Arab world.

Elyan is a Palestinian-Jordanian filmmaker whose work focuses on social issues facing marginalized communities from a female perspective. She started her film career in Jordan, then moved to Dubai and helped set up Reel Arab Productions. She later moved to Los Angeles after being selected for a full scholarship, where she earned her MFA in Film Production/Directing at UCLA. Elyan is currently an Assistant Professor of Narrative Filmmaking at Emerson College.

Darcy J. Skinner