The United States Senate officially recognizes the 1969 Harlem cultural festival of Summer of Soul

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The United States Senate has officially recognized the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festivalthe multi-day event that was the focus of this year’s Oscar-winning documentary soul summer.

According rolling stone, Wednesday, the resolution – which was sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer – was approved by “unanimous consent” and “will designate the last weekend of June 2022 as a time to commemorate the first weekend of the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival. The resolution highlighted the performances of Nina Simone and Mahalia Jackson in particular as depictions of a “shift in Black culture, consciousness and expression, and….a movement away from performances designed to be acceptable to white audiences and towards a freer expression and celebration of black art.”

Rolling Stone has more:

The unanimously approved resolution “also encourages senators to plan appropriate activities that support the goals of the [festivals]…and encourages local governments across the United States to partner with local black artists, performers, and activists to further elevate black culture and art and promote equal treatment for all.

As previously reported by The root, a newly reimagined Summer of Soul will return to Harlem in 2023. Much like the famous 1969 iteration, it will take place at Marcus Garvey Park and feature a multi-day, multi-performance itinerary. Ahead of this iconic event, festival organizers are planning a year-long series of open-mic nights, film screenings, music showcases, concerts, community events and lively talks at various venues across the Harlem neighborhood. Nikoa Evans, Yvonne McNair and Ambassador Digital magazine editor Musa Jackson (who attended the festival in 1969 and also featured in the documentary) will serve as co-chairs of the festival.

Also, on Monday soul summer director and musician Questlove was also recognized as a winner on the TIME 100 List 2022.

“See. It’ll be like this for a while. Celebrating me isn’t really my favorite thing in the world without at least one self-deprecating joke to justify the ‘living in an undeserved city’, Questlove captioned in a post sharing the news. “So stopping this toxic behavior last year was hard enough. But you only live once and I’m the cat that thought DJn it. #Time100 was one of the coolest honors ever – so yeah, I’m salty, I’m not djing the afterparty this year but uh…. I guess this honor will do 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 you @time for this honor and gratitude to my team (here on earth and ancestors get their overdue payment game justified as a mofo).

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