The UrbanEye film festival will hold an edition in Cluj this month

UrbanEye Film Festival, an event covering themes related to architecture, city and urban life, will hold a first edition in Cluj-Napoca from May 11 to 15 at the Arta cinema.

So far, the festival has held eight editions in Bucharest.

In response to current events, this edition will focus on the destruction of cities and what their reconstruction entails. Through the films selected, the public is invited to reflect on the material value of places destroyed in armed conflicts, but above all on their symbolic and emotional value and on the relationships within the communities that inhabit them.

The festival will also cover themes explored in other editions in Bucharest, including urban development and a focus on the works of specific architects and established artists. In addition to documentary film screenings, the program includes special events, lectures, guided tours and workshops for children.

The event opens with a screening of Where to go with history, about the efforts of the German city of Dresden to rebuild the buildings lost during the Second World War. The program also includes The destruction of memorya documentary on how the destruction of heritage leads to a loss of memory of these places, and Warsaw: a divided citytelling the story of the construction of the Warsaw Ghetto and its legacy.

Another major theme addressed, that of living in films Things that dreams are made ofon a series of architectural and social experiments that modify the dynamics of living together; good neighbors, a film exploring the fine line between discretion and disinterest between neighbours; and To pushan analysis of rising apartment prices and the global life crisis it is fueling.

Other documentaries on the program are The river and the wall, a journey along the border wall between the United States and Mexico; make a mountain, on the construction of a waste-to-energy plant; and Walk on wateron one of the most impressive projects of the artist Christo.

More information about the program here. Tickets are available on, on the festival website and at the Arta cinema.

(Photo: image from The River and the Wall, courtesy of UrbanEye)

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Darcy J. Skinner